Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corporation: Management

Clayton M. Hardman, Founder, President & CEO:
Mr. Hardman, has spent 8 years developing Bio-Spectrum's technology and is President and CEO. His responsibilities include oversight and supervision of all company operations and long term strategic planning. Mr. Hardman also was a founder of and remains the sole officer and director of our subsidiary, Bio-Spectrum, positions he has held since March 1997. Further, since 2000, Mr. Hardman has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Communicationscom Inc.where his duties included technology review and market research. Mr. Hardman left active duty service in December 1974 and retired from the U.S. Navy reserves in October 1993. During his naval career he served as a Navy SEAL.

Dr. Hai Shiene Chen, President and founder of ACGT DNA Technologies Corporation. Stem Cell and Genetic Engineering Advisor, Chinese Corporate Development Consultant
In 1995, Dr. Chen founded ACGT Corporation, which in just four short years became a leader in Canada�€™s DNA industry. From 1991 to 1996, Dr. Chen was Managing Di­rector for the Canadian Genetic Disease Network�€™s Core Facility. In 1990, Dr. Chen obtained an MS Degree from the University of Toronto and led a research project on HIV at that institution. Between 1986 and 1988, Dr. Chen trained at Harvard Medical School in the area of cancer research. Dr. Chen was educated at the Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China. He received his Medical Degree in 1983, gradu­ating in the top 2% of his class.

Dr. Gustavo Barriga Angular, Director Strategic Alliances & Govn't Affairs Mexico:
He is the Chief of the Laboratory and coordinator of the clinical medical unit of the Hospital de Infectologia de Centro Medico Nacional (CMN) La Raza. One of the largest hospitals of "Instituto Mexicana Del Seguro Social" (IMSS) is the largest social security institution in Latin America. Dr. Barriga is a specialist in both clinical laboratory and clinical pathology.

Sanjay Mishra, Ph.D., Physics,Advisor:
To advise the Company on matters of Physics in Thin Film Spectroscopy is Sanjay Mishra, Ph.D. He received his Masters of Science in Physics from Pittsburgh State University, Pittsburgh, Kansas, and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Missouri in Rolla, Missouri. Dr. Mishra participated in the design and implementation of electron spin polarization detectors at the Advance Light Source facility, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory completing his third year of postdoctoral research. He currently holds the position of Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Tennessee, Memphis.