Our Product: High Throughput Screening – Magnetic Testing Platform And Immunoassays

We have designed our first products that will offer our customers a confirmatory test at the same price our competitors currently charge for a screening test, which provides far less accuracy.

Unique Quality Of Product Design

Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp. has several distinct advantages over the competition. Foremost are its speed (allowing the lab to perform far more tests in the same time it takes to do a single test), accuracy, sensitivity and specificity. Other product strengths include cost, reliability, and efficiency.

Our Single Test Gives the Following Results:

YES/NO (IMMUNOASSAY) SCREENING TEST a fast, cost effective immunoassay carried out on a large number of people to separate those who have a specified disease from those who do not
YES/NO (IMMUNOASSAY) CONFIRMATORY TEST; a more costly and time-consuming immunoassay used to verify indetermanant or positive screening results.
QUANTITATIVE (VIRAL LOAD) measurement of target antigen/antiobdy in a given sample
Use any body fluid, saliva, urine, tear drops, spinal fluid, semen, hormonal fluid, etc. as the testing medium NO CURRENT SINGLE DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM OFFERS THIS CAPABILITY OF USING ALL FLUIDS LISTED

The HTS-MTP is designed to detect the virus and count the viral load in a matter of minutes. No other screening, or confirmatory test, has the ability to measure viral load, a critical measurement in developing drugs and vaccines. It has the capability to screen several hundred percent more assays, per hour, at a fraction of the cost of current technology. The Company's product/process will raise the benchmark for the industry.

Integrated Optical Biosensor (IOBS)

Multiplex Detection of Pathogen Biomarkers using a Waveguide based Optical Biosensor Platform developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory