Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corporation is an advanced medical device and biotechnology company. Our revolutionary diagnostics system focuses on real-time testing for the actual presence of the virus/ toxin/ disease itself, and not for antibodies produced by the body's immune system which may take anywhere from weeks to months to appear. This allows for much earlier detection and treatment, as well as delivering the test at a fraction of current costs

The company is positioning itself to perform clinical trials in Mexico, India and China followed by trials in the US and Europe.

The HTS-MTP is designed to detect the virus and count the viral load in a matter of minutes. No other screening, or confirmatory test, has the ability to measure viral load, a critical measurement in developing drugs and vaccines. HTS-MTP also has the capability to screen several hundred percent more assays, per hour, at a fraction of the cost of current technology. The Company's product/process will raise the benchmark for the industry.